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Education is a fundamental part of everyone's life.

Providing the resources for the people to help themselves.

Millions of people are dying from unclean water.

These are essentials for every human being.

Millions of children are orphaned all over the world.


The recent Earthquake (Sept 2019) in The Pakistan region of Kashmir devastated thousands of families. Many homes have been totally demolished and many more are damaged beyond economical repair, unstable and unfit to live in.
Disabled, elderly, orphans & widows are currently living in makeshift tents. Therefore under our shelter strand, Creams Foundation will construct 10 houses in the region. We are fortunate and keen to get involved in helping those in need with a trustworthy delivery partner.
Each house will consist of:
Two rooms (12x14ft)
Kitchen (6x8ft)
Bathroom (8x4ft)
Veranda (8ft)
1 window and a door in each room
1 electrical socket in each room.
The house will be of solid brick construction, with a concrete roof, and fully plastered.

The overall project is costing £39,000 for the 10 houses. Full pictures to follow upon completion. (Displayed is an example of a fully built house)

Our Mission is to nurture and flourish people..


The world will be a better place if human necessities were met

By providing basis human necessities such as food, water, hygiene & sanitation, medicine, equipment etc by providing education facilities, helping arrange self-sustainable projects.


We are proud

to have supported 14 orphans over 3 years and we have also built 12 water wells. These are just a few among the many other causes we serve.

Projects by region.



Building an education centre complex. An ongoing water well project to provide villages & communities access to water. A self-sustainable project of a poultry farm, to generate funds for the community.



Self-sustainable projects commissioned with 10 women sponsored to drive business idea forward.



Orphanage/school project.

Let’s build a better world together without
starving children.

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