Three countries - four projects

The Business Grant Project

Helping setup start-ups of self-sustainable projects.
They need your help.

Small and medium enterprises in Malawi and the larger sub Saharan Africa, provide an opportunity for investment and societal transformation. Rural communities are no longer considered aid recipients, but trading partners and local entrepreneurs.

Working towards supporting and helping setup start-ups of self-sustainable projects. To benefit the beneficiaries to be able to generate income themselves and giving them the chance to create a better future for their families.


mln of hungry people


% of hungry people

Creams Foundation want to see lasting change in the communities we work with.

We will support women in the community gain financial independence through our business grants that gives access to a small fund of £500 to invest in a self-sustaining business that will support their families and the help build the local economy.

Thank you for your cooperation – Every little helps